FELs of Europe

FELS OF EUROPE is an initiative of the ESFRI projects EuroFEL and European XFEL. All European free electron laser (FEL) facilities, i.e. the European XFEL, the nine partners of EuroFEL and four IR FEL facilities (including also the TARLA project in Turkey), are now joining forces under the name FELs of Europe. The collaboration includes 14 members in 10 countries. All the members are either operating or developing FEL facilities and/or advanced short-pulse light sources based on accelerator technologies. Due to their unique properties, these light sources provide a step change in the ability to address research needs across the disciplines of physics, chemistry, materials and life sciences. FELs will improve our understanding of processes at the molecular level, leading to the development of new materials and methods for tomorrow’s technological advancement, clean environment, sustainable energy and health care.

FELs of Europe was established as a sustainable, long-term collaboration that is not dependent on external funding, e.g. through European programmes. The goal of the collaboration is to make optimal use of resources and know how available in Europe in order:

  • to meet the technological and scientific challenges of the fast-developing FEL technologies,
  • to provide together the experimental conditions needed by a large, multi-disciplinary user community,
  • to strive for full exploitation of the potential of FELs for science and innovation, and
  • to develop, implement and maintain a scientific and technological infrastructure at world-class level. 

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