EUCALL Annual Meeting 2016

EUCALL's first Annual Meeting took place during 31 August - 2 September 2016 at Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. In total, 75 participants attended the Meeting, which involved parallel sessions for each of EUCALL's Work Packages (WPs), as well as plenary sessions for all.

The participants were then able to choose between two cross-WP sessions, designed to provide experience exchange between the different scientific communities. One session highlighted the differences and commonalities between Synchrotron, Free-Electron Laser and High Power Laser facilities, while the other was a tutorial for programing using Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Graphical Processing Units (FPGA/GPU).

The EUCALL Annual Meeting 2016 was a highly successful meeting in which a great deal of progress in each of the WPs was demonstrated, and it was clear that EUCALL’s activities to date have succeeded in bringing together scientists from accelerator- and laser-based light sources for collaborations which will benefit both communities. The participants have been able to complete all of their required deliverables and milestones to date, and showed at the Annual Meeting that they are well prepared for the coming challenges of EUCALL’s second year.