EUCALL offers Young Researcher Travel Bursaries for ELI Summer School 2017


EUCALL offers Young Researcher Travel Grants for 15-20 exceptional young scientists to attend the ELI Summer School in Romania (27 August - 01 September 2017).

Successful candidates can receive up to 500€ to cover travel and registration cost for the summer school, and can apply for a travel bursary by completing the following application form:

Application form


Topics include:

  • Astrophysics and cosmology with high-power lasers
  • Attoscience
  • Fundamental nuclear science and spectroscopy
  • Generation of attosecond pulses
  • Generation of bright coherent and incoherent x-ray pulses using short pulse lasers
  • High-power laser based particle acceleration and applications
  • High-peak and -average power ultrafast lasers
  • Laser-driven nuclear physics
  • Materials under extreme conditions
  • Novel medical imaging and therapeutic applications
  • Nuclear materials imaging, transmutation and management
  • Photo-production of rare isotopes
  • Physics of dense plasmas and warm dense matter, laboratory astrophysics
  • Strong-field QED and dark-matter physics with high-power lasers
  • Tabletop Free Electron Lasers (FEL) based on laser wakefield plasma accelerators