33 EUCALL Young Researcher Travel Bursaries awarded

During May - June 2016, 44 Young Researchers applied for a EUCALL Travel Bursary to attend either the ELI Summer School 2016 in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic, or the Science@FELs Conference 2016 in Trieste, Italy.

EUCALL's selection committee awarded 10 Travel Bursaries to the ELI Summer School and 23 Travel Bursaries to the Science@FELs Conference. The Travel Bursaries, of value up to 500€, will cover travel and accomodation costs for the Young Researchers to attend the events. The successful applicants - from synchrotron, free-electron laser and high power laser faclilties, as well as material scientists from universities and other research organisations - represent 14 different countries including those as widely spread as Mexico and Canada to UK, Lithuania and Slovakia to Senegal, Iran and India.  

The purpose of EUCALL's Young Researcher Travel Bursaries are to attract young researchers to the science and research of EUCALL's advanced laser light facilities. EUCALL aims to motivate and provide training to young researchers as potential future employees or users of the facilities.