Work Package 5 – Ultrafast Data Acquisition (UFDAC)

The high repetition rates and the need for optimised usage of beam-time at optical laser and FEL facilities require higher performance and online data acquisition techniques.

For example, European XFEL will generate pulse trains with up to 2700 pulses separated by 220 ns (600 µs total) followed by idle time of 99.4 ms.

UFDAC will deliver ultrafast online image processing, data transfer and injection, and processing of digitiser data for such demands.

• Task 5.1: Online 2D image processing
• Task 5.2 High-speed data transfer and data injection
• Task 5.3: Online processing of digitizer data


WPL – Michael Bussmann (HZDR)              WPC – Patrick Gessler (XFEL)


UFDAC Milestone 5.1: Definition of data structures and interfaces for software for processing, transfer, and injection of data