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EUCALL Technical Workshops:


EUCALL Experience Exchange Workshops


User Access Policies at Advanced Laser Light Sources

ELI Beamlines, 21 - 22 September 2017 

An experience exchange workshop, during which the operators of each user facility exchange information about their standard practices – is particularly interesting for those under construction RIs who can define their user access policies based on practices at currently operational facilities such as DESY or ESRF. The proposed content for this workshop has been generated by members of ELI’s future User Offices, and developed by WP3 members – this includes topics such as “Calls for Proposals”, “User Portal”, “Safety Training of Users, and Safety Staff”, “Publication Database” and “Joint Access Policies”.


Biology at Advanced Laser Light Sources

European XFEL, 30 November - 01 December 2017

The workshop addresses, in particular, present and future scientific users of these advanced light sources in the area of biology. The workshop will highlight specific strengths of synchrotron, FEL and optical laser light sources in biological applications and inform participants about the large richness of scientific applications provided by this suite of installations to the scientific community. Examples of experiments and applications will make users aware of the most frequent and feasible type of studies. Furthermore, the workshop intends to initiate an exchange amongst scientists using experimental techniques for biology applications.Topics include X-ray, electron and proton-based techniques used at optical laser, synchrotron and FEL facilities.


Innovation Potential of Advanced Laser Light Sources

Hotel Meria, Sitges, Spain, 14 - 15 November 2017

An experience exchange workshop at which technology transfer policies can be discussed between the facilities’ Technology Transfer offices. In particular, it is expected that at this workshop the newer facilities ELI, European XFEL and MAX IV/LU will have the opportunity to establish and/or review their policies based on the “best practices” at operational facilities such as Diamond Light Source, PSI and Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste.


EUCALL Joint Foresight Activities Workshops


Science of Societal Relevance at Advanced Laser Light Sources

DESY, 26 - 27 April 2018 

The scope is an open workshop on Science of Societal Relevance at Light Sources. This was a suggestion by the EUCALL Scientific Advisory Committee, in which we will identify issues of high societal importance and then discuss the application of our light sources to solve the challenges - this can be topics like artificial photosynthesis, carbon capture and storage, green energy and so on. Experts from the different fields will be invited to discuss the issues and the material science challenges more important to them.


2nd Workshop on Building a Targetry Network at Advanced Laser Light Sources

ELI-Beamlines, 28 - 30 May 2018 

The interest in this activity arises from the recognition that the high-repetition-rate laser experiments, which will soon become possible at facilities such as ELI, ESRF, European XFEL, and ESRF, as well as at other ALL-RIs, will require targets (or samples) in the quantity of few 1000 up to as high as few 100000 per year. This leads to the requirement of target production facilities capable of producing a range of complicated targets in large number with the needed high-precision. While in the USA and Asia certain support networks for targets supply exist, the European community has no coordinated strategy to access target fabrication infrastructure. A possible solution could be a consortium of European ALL-RIs, target suppliers and specialized laboratories. This issue/need has been addressed in a first workshop held in August 2016 at HZDR as a satellite to the EUCALL 1st Annual Meeting, in collaboration with members of WP6. Following up on this workshop a report has been written and was published, and all information can be found at www.eucall.eu/target_network. A meeting of facility directors of the above mentioned RIs was held on 10 April 2017 to define timeline and scope of this activity.


Theory, Simulation, Computing and related Data Handling at Advanced Laser Light Sources

Elbresidenz Bad Schandau, 01 - 06 July 2018

There is a recognized need for theory development to accompany experiments at ALL-RIs and interpretation of results. This area could span an enormous range, for example from light-matter interaction, over FEL theory to complex time-dependent theories describing transition states. Furthermore, there is a need for advanced simulations to accompany (predict and explain) experiment results. Finally, computing issues (both hardware & software) were raised in response to the upcoming challenges to deal with very large quantities of data and the need for high performance computing for complex calculations or simulations. The organization committee is in place, and a coherent concept of a foresight workshop responding to this topic is underway.


EUCALL Workshop for RI Operators and Policy Makers

Brussels, 09 September 2018

The main purpose of this activity is the dissemination of EUCALL synergy results to its stake-holders and policy makers. A focus of this workshop will be the presentation/discussion of strategies, operation needs, and possible frameworks for future collaborations between ALL-RIs.


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