EUCALL Target Network

Dresden, August 30th 2016

This initiative aims at raising awareness on target issues, and at promoting joint efforts to enable high repetition rate experiments and establish sustainable target supply mechanisms for advanced laser facilities. A coordinated action on targets would increase the potential for scientific achievements obtainable at new user facilities and, eventually, be beneficial for the whole community. 
These themes were discussed by about 90 users, target fabrication experts and representatives of user facilities in a workshop held in Dresden (August 29–31 2016). The initiative has been endorsed as a foresight activity by the European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL).
The next steps towards the development of a target network will be:

  • he discussion of possible synergies between laser facilities;
  • the publication of an extended summary of the workshop discussions;
  • the formation of an expert panel to help defining the network mission, access model, appropriate funding tool activities and to produce a white book document aimed at raising awareness about target needs and issues at the EU and national funding agencies (support grant writing for endorsing partners);
  •  the development of lobbying activities for an appropriate EU call in the next infrastructure working program.

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