Work Package 6 – High Repetition Rate Sample Delivery (HIREP)

Every light source has systems for sample replacement, but no attempt has been undertaken yet to unify sample characterisation and positioning of samples in order to give external user groups unhampered access to the facilities.

HIREP will deliver an integrated concept for decentralised sample characterisation and fast sample positioning at EUCALL’s facilities.




• Task 6.1: Automatic sample screening
• Task 6.2: Position control

WPL – Daniele Margarone (ELI)                   WPC – Joachim Schulz (XFEL)


HIREP Milestone 6.1: Specification for sample holder and sample stages

HIREP Milestone 6.2: List of sample types for identification software compiled

HIREP Milestone 6.3: Specification of the UHV microscope