EUCALL's Scientific Advisory Committee has been formed

Several candidates for EUCALL's Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) have been nominated by the Steering Committee, and the five top candidates were nominated and have agreed to participate. 


  • Marc Vrakking (Max Born Institute, Germany) - SAC Chair
  • Mike Dunne (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), USA)
  • Jonathan Marangos (Imperial College London, UK) 
  • Paul Morin (SOLEIL Synchrotron, France) 
  • Kiyoshi Ueda (Tohoku University, Japan)  


The SAC Chair will represent the SAC on EUCALL's Steering Committee.  

The SAC will act as advisory board to the Steering Committee and, on request to the Executive Board, on all scientific and strategic matters related to clustering the European Laser and FEL RIs. The SAC will meet at least once per year.