Work Package 7 - Pulse Characterisation and Control (PUCCA)

Each of EUCALL’s facilities produce intense, ultra-short X-ray pulses whose characteristics change to some extent from pulse to pulse. It is essential to measure the characteristic properties of the light pulses shot-to-shot in a way that does not alter the pulses.

PUCCA will deliver pulse arrival time monitors with femtosecond time resolution, wavefront sensor and analysis software, and a transparent intensity monitor.



• Task 7.1 Delivery of arrival time monitors between two independent pulsed light sources with femtosecond time resolution

• Task 7.2 Development of a wavefront sensor and analysis software

• Task 7.3 Precise transparent intensity monitor

WPL – Kai Tiedtke (DESY)                             WPC – Christian Bressler (XFEL)